We take carbohydrates daily in the form of rice, bread, potatoes, pasta etc. But for those who are looking to shed those extra pounds from their bodies to maintain a desirable physique- well having too much carbohydrate can come in their way of achieving their desired physique.

There are a lot of solutions to shed those extra pounds through many types of diets and one such diet that this article is going to explore is low carb diet. It is a popular method of diet where the intake of carbohydrates and sugar and processed food items are limited to a limited amount of intake and intake of green vegetable, lean meat, lentils and other nutritional food items are included.

Now if you are someone who has tried to shed those unnecessary extra pounds for years and tried most of the methods that are available to one and did not benefit from it- you might take a look at low carb diet and its benefits to the person who follows the low carb diet.

Why low carb diet?

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases- this is due to the increase in the amount of good cholesterol (HDL). An increase in the amount of good cholesterol, known as High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and a decrease in the amount of bad cholesterol, known as Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) keeps the arteries and the heart healthy.
  • Well regulated insulin level in the blood
  • Trimming of excess hunger pangs (this might take a bit of time as it depends on the person). These unnecessary hunger pangs are caused by a hormone named ghrelin, which causes us to eat in excess amount than that the body naturally requires.
  • Reduction in body weight due to the elimination of excess glucose, which leads the body to burn the fat reserves of the body. The body’s glycogen levels is controlled and certain amount of insulin is prevented to release in the bloodstream and as a result- the body starts to burn the excess amount of fat for the supply of energy for the body to function properly.
  • Low carb diet doesn’t eliminate the nutritious foods in order to reduce weight rather it is added to the diet so that the body does not suffer from malnutrition and the weakening of the body’s immunity system.

So, it can be seen that there are many advantages to a low carb diet. Low carb diet doesn’t entirely cut down on carbohydrates but reduces the overall intake and in the other hand low carb diet increases the amount of protein and healthy fat in the diet. Many of us make the mistake of eliminating fat from the diet plan. This is discouraged as good fat in certain amount is necessary for healthy functioning of the body.

If you are worried that whether this low carb diet will work for you or not- there is nothing to worry. Some diets don’t work due to the low metabolism and lack of exercise included in the lifestyle. And it is always advised to take advice from the doctor before undergoing any types of diet.