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Commonwealth Stadium 35th anniversary

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Hey Folks,

We are 35 days away from the opening of a another Wildcat season. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Commonwealth Stadium, we will be counting down the 35 most memorable games in the stadium's history including the good and bad. We would like everyone to share their memories of these historic games.

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Some quick Commonwealth Stadium Did You Know Facts...

- Built on UK Agricultural Experimental Station Farm

- Construction began on July 23, 1972; Cats played first game 14 months later.

- Athletic Dept printed tickets for the 1973 season for both Commonwealth Stadium and McLean Stadium as questions abounded to whether stadium would be ready to play in.

-Stadium was able to be played in but not finished; Only one set of endzone bleachers had been transferred from Stoll Field. The east end zone would not be moved until 1974.

- The Cats also played on Bluegrass in the 1973, as weather delays kept the field from being sewn with Bermuda grass, which also came about in time for the 1974 season.

- Formal dedication did not take place until 1974.


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