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Jodie Meeks says he will be back

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Rob just left the UK locker room and Jodie Meeks has told the media, he will return for his senior season at UK. We will have more later but for now a little bit of good news on this Black Friday.

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I don't think this is any big shock especially when he just scored 8 points. Still great news for any Wildcat fan on a rather bad day for Jodie and all the Cats.
Jodie had an incredible year but he still needs to work on his ballhandling. I also think even thought he is an incredible athlete he takes some plays off on the defensive side of the ball. Hopefully, Patterson stays and we bring in a quality point guard and we have a pretty good nucleus for next season.
Here is the quote from Jodie, when asked if coming back next year: " Ah yeah, I'm coming back to get my degree. I'm not even thinking about that right now, the season is still going on". Attached is the audio from Meeks.
I would have been surprised had he left, but this is still good to hear. Now let's hope he can convince Patterson to come back next year too.
I hope he sticks by this but I wouldn't blame him if he changes his mind and at least looks into his chances to be a first round pick. From what I see in the mock drafts, it doesn't look like he would be a first round pick.

This team could be so much better next year if Meeks and Patterson come back. Miller will be a much better player next year and Pilgrim sounds like he will be a big addition to UK. The PG spot will still be UK's weakness and it will be interesting to see if they can find an answer to that during the off season.
Money talks, don't for one second believe it!
Glad to see the young man make a smart choice in coming back next year. Hopefully Paterson will do the same and with orten coming in that should help inside and UK should be on there way back to the TOP!!!!


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