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Hopefully we will have a GREAT DAY!!

We know of some really good prospects UK might steal today, lets hope it all happens!!

Then on top of that, we get a steal that absolutely nobody knows about!!!

Any Signing Day Info, thoughts, news, here. I'll be gone most of the morning and half the afternoon while I'm off doing basketball recruiting stuff (of all days LOL), so members when you hear something please post for those of us who can't get on here a lot during the day today. THANKS!!!

Need a BIG DAY especially after the let down of last signing day and last season!!!

Lets set the tone today that gets things started for this Fall and for the 2013 class (which is big class for Joker considering how many really good in-state prospects there are)


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Anyone have a link to watch the henderson Decision on the web?

I would say solid with out Henderson because we would lack that real playmaker like a DT and good with Henderson because I think he can be the next DT.

Knee injury caused Bama to back off a little bit, so he backed off from Bama.  If he comes back healthy, he's a stud.

The following are now in as of 9am

QB Patrick Towles

OL Jordan Watson

DB Daron Blaylock

DB Zack Blaylock

OL John Toth

DT Patrick Graffree

DB Fred Tiller

DB Jonathan Reed

DB Josh Harris

OL Zach Myers

DL Thomas Chapman

RB Dyshawn Mobley

WR A.J. Legree

DL Langston Newton

DB Cody Quinn

WR DeMarcus Sweat

OL Jordan Swindle

Check out KSN Signing Day Breakdown and Highlights for more info on the signees as they come in.

RB Justin Taylor who committed to Alabama has now signed with UK

Along with K Landon Foster

Khalid Henderson has signed per Andre Woodson.

Thaqts a fact, its a done deal.

DB Shawn Blaylock now in

ATH Jalen Whitlow

Rob, you're doing an AMAZING job.  The blog you have up has to be the most comprehensive job out there.  Love all the videos!  Thanks for doing it.  Kudos.

According to ESPN (as of this moment), the SEC has 10 of the top 25 recruiting classes (if you include Texas A&M and Missouri).


Vandy is in there at #25.  Louisville is #26.


It seems like we're having a pretty good day with no negative surprises, but I just hate the fact that Vandy & U of L get better classes than us.  Say what you want about what we don't have compared to the big boys (recruiting rooms, etc.), we have more than Vandy & U of L do and yet we come in behind them more often than not.


And frankly, that irritates the crap out of me.


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