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With the announcements of Super Tuesday today here is the current schedule:

11/01/13    vs. Transylvania #     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
11/04/13    vs. Montevallo #     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
11/08/13    vs. UNC Asheville    TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
11/10/13    vs. Northern Kentucky     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
            State Farm Champions Classic
11/12/13    vs. Michigan State TV    Chicago, Ill. (United Center)    7pm ESPN
            Keightley Classic
11/17/13    vs. Robert Morris     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
11/19/13    vs. Texas-Arlington     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
11/25/13    vs. Cleveland State     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
11/27/13    vs. Eastern Michigan     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
12/01/13    vs. Providence            TV    Brooklyn, N.Y. (Barclays Center)   
12/06/13    vs. Baylor         TV    Texas (Cowboys Stadium)    10 p.m.
12/10/13    vs. Boise State     TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
12/14/13    at North Carolina     TV    Chapel Hill, N.C.    TBA
12/21/13    vs. Belmont        TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
12/28/13    vs. Louisville         TV    Lexington, Ky.    TBA
1/14/14     at Arkansas            Fayetteville, AR     9pm ESPN
1/21/14        vs. Texas A&M            Lexington, Ky           9pm ESPN
1/28/14        at LSU                Baton Rogue, LA      9pm ESPN
02/15/14    vs. Florida         TV    Lexington, KY         7pm ESPN
2/18/14        at Ole Miss            Oxford, MS        9pm ESPN
3/4/14        vs. Alabama            Lexington, KY        9pm ESPN

The season likely ends March 8 in Gainesville:

3/8/14        at Florida            Gainesville, FL     TBA

Under the new 18 game SEC setup the Cats play the 13 other teams once and 5 teams twice. Florida is their permanent opponent.

Two of their other likely double opponents will be Arkansas and Ole Miss as they are supposed to return to Rupp this year, but were a part of the Super Tuesday package in road games, therefore they are likely playing them twice.

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HOt off the presses here is the full SEC Basketball Schedule.


4 p.m.? That's odd for a UK, UL game.

All kinds of quirks with this schedule.

- 3 Sunday games in November/December... including an 8pm Sunday night game

- 11 days off after the UofL game until Jan 8th when they open up SEC play

- 6 9pm games and 1 10pm game=lots of late nights with the Cats

- No games conflicting with football this year, a plus

-UK/UNC at 5:15 on ESPN is also a very weird time

I am betting that 5:15 game with UNC is after some sort of college football game.

Definitely an interesting and kind of weird schedule this year that is for sure.

I am guessing ESPN wanted the UK-Robert Morris game in the evening so they can hype "the rematch" all week and all day Sunday.


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