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More players leave football team

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According to UK  DE Nermin Delic has been dismissed and DE Justin Henderson, LB Tim Patterson have decided to transfer. This brings the total players leaving the team since the end of the season. Of those 6 were defensive.

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Disappointing to lose all three.  Heard a lot of favorable talk from Joker about Delic during August practices of Delic's freshman year and, based on Joker's comments, thought Delic would eventually be UK's future SDE but the talk never carried over to the field.  It didn't seem to be a good sign for him, as far as playing time was concerned, when he got moved inside to DT before this Spring.  Henderson always looked good in the Spring but never played in the fall.  The emergence of Bud Dupree hurt his playing time chances but I thought losing Ridge Wilson may help Henderson get playing time.

UofL would seem to be a likely destination for Patterson.  He has always loved UofL and he came to UK to follow his teammates Cobble and Wilson.  Nowe Cobble is the only one still at UK.

7 total. 

What does this say about our coaches?

We can recruit well, but not coach?

I was excited last year, they talked up our team and offense all summer, and

then we couldn't do anything against anybody! It led me to distrust them. 

Now our new and improved defensive guy can't keep our best players from leaving?

I know there's been lots of discussions about Joker. Love him or hate him, but I just

don't think he's the guy that can take us where we all want to go: Relevance. 

At the least. and then, in the discussion in the East. and Bowl victories. 

We need a Cal-like hire on the gridiron. It took a while, but the Spurrier hire is 

finally paying off for South Carolina. If South Carolina can have a winning football program, 

then why and how Can't we??? C'mon!!


Guys, I had a very disturbing conversation with a former UK players mom this past week.  They are very involved and are disgusted with the way things are being run by Joker.  He is a great recruiter, but picks his favorites and they are going to play.  Players continued to ask this player why he wasn't getting reps when he was a speedster and extremely physical.  Kid was a great student, never missed practice, left it on the field everyday in practice, but had others less qualified playing ahead of him.  He's a great kid and just kept focused on the idea that he was getting an education and moved on.  He said players leaving was a result of Joker knowing who he was going to play before practice ever started, ie Newton at quarterback.  They are having fights during film sessions, weight training etc.  It's a horrible atmosphere.

Maybe we should start calling Joker by a new name, Poser. 

Why would a UK guy be a good football coach?

Our glorious winning football tradition?

Maybe we'll have a winner here, in 10 years, or 50!

but it won't be anytime soon. 

I know the UT win was great and all, but it better not buy more than one more year.

I'm ready to move on. 

Interesting and not in a good way.....


Did you all see where Athlon sports picked Joker as the 6th worst coach in college football. Will have to try to find that link.



This many players leaving a program is never a good sign. It means either the coaches lied to the players when they were recruiting them, or the players are not doing well in either camaraderie, academics or character, (all of which should have been known when the coaches recruited them.) I'll admit, I was excited about Joker becoming head coach, but really worried when he decided to change a bunch of things after Coach Brooks retired. He says he wants to win here more than anyone. He also seems like he's gotten a little too big for his britches. The power that comes with a head coaching job at a BCS school can ruin some people. This is a make or break season for him. He got a solid win against USC his first year and broke the UT streak last year, but getting crushed by everybody else in the SEC, (including Vandy!!!) won't cut it for another season. Another U of L loss might be pretty tough to handle too. Their ascension as we fall always makes everything that much worse. 

It's been painfully obvious that the staff has been playing favorites over playing the most talented player at the position. Look at running back position there is no way Sanders should have been playing over Williams or Clemmons.

I thought that exact thing when I heard the depth chart at RB.  Unbelievable.  Surely, Clemons is over his injury by now... One of the few beasts we have on the team currently!

If your not on his top shelf of favorites.....then your butt is on the bench.  Thing is, there is no rhyme or reason to the people he chooses.  Losing players for non-disciplinary reasons is not good.  I like Joker and remember watching him play.  He played hard every play and we all know he wants to win, but he has got to let his assistants coach their area.  He needs to understand his strengths and let the other coaches use the strengths they have as well.  I say this is his last go around. 

Gee, it seems a little early, to me, to be going off about the coaching staff.

Personally I hope Minter runs off more if they are having issues, SEC football is not for everyone. None of these kids was on the 2 deep chart, I dont understand how you can bash Joker with out the facts of the matter. Talent is not everything, it takes heart and maybe Joker sees this, but as fans all we see is talent, you can have all the talent in the world but if you dont have heart you have nothing.


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