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Shaka Smart turned down Illinois and will stay at VCU.


Cuanzo Martin says he is isn't interested in Illinois either.


Mississippi State wants to talk to Murray's Prohm...


South Carolina wants Wichita State's Gregg Marshall


Tulsa wants to get in the way back machine and talk to Tubby Smith.

Guess they are watching the Gophers roll through the NIT.


Anyone's thoughts on this???



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Leonard is a little bit older and I don't think he leaves FSU to try to rebuild somewhere else and turn over what he has built in Tallahassee to someone else.  Just my opinion.  Hearing Chris Collins from Duke is a possibility for this job - from the area, good coach from a winning program, Coach K coaching tree.  Don't know if it'll happen, just know there is some mutual interest.

You know in all of this I forgot to make the obvious joke here..which for me is still funny...


"Rick Barnes has announced he has taken his name out of cosideration for any and all open head coaching jobs."


BTW I can't see Leonard leaving F$U but that is just me...I think Grant might be an interesting fit, since he coaches a different brand of ball than they usually play in the Big 10.


Agree Shaka was stupid. Waiting for UCONN is even dumber. That program is a mess and will be even more of a mess when Calhoun leaves. They were nothing before Calhoun and they will return to nothing when he leaves.

How devastating to UT would it be for Cuanzo to leave?

Maybe Smart just doesn't want that type of gig. There are several coaches in college football and college basketball that has decided to stick with being the big fish in a little pond. I'm sure it is less stressful, more time you can spend with family. I don't think everyone who is successful at the mid major level is just sitting in waiting wanting to move up to a bigger program. If that is what they want to do more power to them.

Interesting at the Pre-Indiana Press Conference, Cal mentioned how he thought Kenny Payne would be a good choice for Mississippi State.


Unfortunately I have a feeling Payne and Antiqua won't be here much longer...keep seeing his name mentioned in a lot of places..



Ok so aside from the Coach O stuff mentioned it is being reported that South Carolina is looking at either Frank Martin or wait for it....


Orlando Smith as folks they would like to talk to...


Tubby is a very safe coach. You want to be ok, average, lose in the first round of the ncaa on most years or win some games in the nit then Tubby is your man. For South Carolina that doesn't sound to bad but the ceiling is not very high. Other coaches may absolutely keep you in the cellar or be a great hire and turn your program around. This is why Tubby is a low risk move but not one that is going to bring you any sec titles or ncaa wins.

Looks like Frank Martin is leaving Kansas State to take over the job at South Carolina. Just a matter of getting everything finalized.


Seems like a lateral move at best to me...Thoughts????

Should be an upgrade in pay, recruiting bases, and beach access.

When we drive out to Colorado for vacations, you drive west for quite awhile AFTER you pass Lawrence, KS. Manhattan, KS is nowhere near as sexy as it sounds... its literally in the middle of nowhere.

Miss. St. should talk to Derek Kellogg, or Brusier Flint.

The only coach I was concerned about was our Murray State coach, Steve Prohm. Mississippi State tried to recruit him while we were still playing in the NCAAT. Not nice. It didn't work, however, we extended his contract for one more year plus added increased salary and more incentives. He signed yesterday. Now under contract through 2015-16 season. He's a special kind of person and is as nice as advertised. Go Racers!


Sounds like now the guy from Ohio U. is going to be the new coach at Illinois...


Now Grammy Miss. State wouldn't do anything wrong now would they...LOL


By the way, sounds like the Bulldogs are looking at Scott Sutton, currently at Oral Roberts. I think that might be a good hire...



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