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In Louisville over the "suspended indefinitely." Yeah this isn't going to end well.



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enjoy the rest of your life in prison

My favorite part of this bad story?


He was selling drugs in LOUISVILLE!!!!

Well not surprising but Wilson has been officially dismissed from the team

I wish the assistants could keep kids from going home to hang out with their HS buddies during the year.  I know its the off-season, but...

I don't know about UK but I know WKU is conditioning. I work with a Dad whose son plays for WKU and they are conditioning like crazy.


Very disappointing.  More than anything it will hurt UK's depth.  Bud Dupree played better than Wilson when Dupree replaced the injured Wilson at the end of the season and that's not a shot at Wilson at all.  It would have been interesting to see if UK played Dupree and Wilson together next year or if Wilson would backup Dupree, because Dupree is too good not to be on the field.  Dupree and Wilson pretty much play the same position so it would have been interesting.  Now we will never know.


Wilson had great potential and it's disappointing to see his UK career end this way.  Hopefully, he gets things together.



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