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There's Stupid, And Then There's This...

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A Marquette fan blog has posted this "story" today.  If you need a good laugh, click the link.  If you don't click links, the doofus who wrote it devotes a huge post to the idea that UK is (and always has been) afraid to play Marquette.


If you read the article, it becomes clear that the Big East has been giving one of its members the shaft when it comes to the Big East/SEC challenge, but the blogger thinks the whole thing is controlled from Lexington and that we're deathly afraid to play them.


I imagine a displaced U of L fan, now living in Wisconsin, is ultimately behind this ridiculous post.  It just goes to show you that we ARE the center of the basketball universe!



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More than 2 hours later, KSR is running this story now.  They are sooooo yesterday.  : )
What an idiot.  UK plays Big East teams like UConn, UofL and Notre Dame but they're afraid of big, bad Marquette.    This guy has apparently forgotten how North Carolina slapped them around on national TV this year one game before UK beat UNC.

I don't know Waitin', a couple of those paragraphs are pretty fact-filled and the update he's now added at the bottom of the blog leads me to think he's at least 51% serious.  Does he go over the top and come at this playfully?  Well yeah, but otherwise, the article is pretty focused.


If the whole thing is little more than a joke, I have to applaud the dude - that's some serious writing for a guy who's really just playing around.


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