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UK vs. UConn: Predictions, Thoughts, keys to the game

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Lets hear them

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UK 79, UConn 66 (UConn was elated to beat MSU and they're done; we came to win it)

Walker goes for 23, but on 23 shot attempts.

Miller steps it up a notch and goes for 18 & 7 while Knight has a "quiet" 19 pts.
cats 78 uconn 73.
I picked against the Cats once, but not this time. UK will be inspired by a tough win vs the Huskies, then gets off to a slow start vs UConn, but ultimately puts them away late.

Cats 81
UConn 73
C'mon Save, you didn't make a prediction for the Washington game and this post is just a "depends" post with no prediction... We know there's lots of variables and all, but you can't START the prediction post and NOT make a prediction.

Step up to the line, take a deep breath, wipe your sweaty hands on your socks, keep your elbow tucked in, and take your best shot!
Did you type that wrong?
You have until 10pm to change it.
UConn starts:

PG: walker
SG: lamb
SF: giffey
PF: oriaki
C: okwandu

okwandu is terrible. he usually ends up on the bench pretty quickly.

oriaki is a big bull, but not that skilled offensively. jones will need to be strong and box out. i do think he is someone jones can take advantage on the perimeter

giffy is a freshman and someone miller should be able to lock down and own.

lamb is another freshman my guess knight will guard him and lamb will have some inches on him. he right now is just a 6 ppg scorer so maybe not someone you need to worry about.

walker is an all american point guard. he can shoot it, and he can blow by you. he is great at digging out steals and taking them the other way. liggins/knight/lamb will take guarding him.

uconn right now is mostly a 1 man team. limit walker and you reduce what uconn can do. not a great 3 point shooting team. just 30% on the year. just 43% from the floor actually.

boxing out and making walker inefficient are the keys. drive the basketball and get to the line. get oraki in foul trouble.
Hey Waitin', did you add the "UK by 4" because you know that Cardinal fans come in here sometimes and you know that they can't subtract 74 from 78?
87 to 82 cats win, I think free throw shooting down the stretch could be the difference, we made ours, while Washington struggled.
If the Cats can keep Walker relatively in check then they should win...and they will

UK- 79

Jones with another double double and takes home the MVP Trophy


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