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Cats Lick Wounds And Head To The Bayou

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By - Ira D. Combs
Director - Syndicated Columnist
Tri State Sports Media Services Inc.
Week # 1 of the three week gauntlet of top tier SEC type competition is behind UK football .
Final outcome of the initial David vs. Goliath match up was the extremely talented Florida Gators 41 and the extremely over matched UK Wildcats 10 , no need in mentioning how many in a row it was , it's over . Lick your wounds and spend this week working on the young players overall physical development and all players mental approach and keep taking advantage of getting your young skilled players experience against top flight game competition and prepare them for more attainable goals against a more compatible type opponent for the second half of the season .
It's not the traditional blue print or gold standard game plan for a team and college football program that has now set an annual goal to be a consistent bowl qualifying team but as it's head coach said so eloquently last week , " I know what I signed up for " .
For this year anyway , UK football falls in the category of (we are what we are) , let's take the remainder of this season game by game . The Lions or the Kingpins of the SEC are in the first half of this particular schedule and season , hopefully , their will be enough experience gained and healthy players left over for the second half to slay a few of the Lambs of the SEC then hopefully since I'm wishing extra hard it will all add up to six wins at the end of the rainbow .
With players like Danny Trevathan and Ronnie Sneed on defense they will not let that side of the ball quit and offensively they will keep getting better , however , it won't show up until around game number 7 or 8 but I fear the offense is so young and limitless in it's talent level I still wouldn't expect more than 24 to 30 points a game at it's high peak best when it does get into the softer part of the schedule .
Don't chuckle at these remarks folks I've seen college and high school athletics from all angles for over 40 years as an adult , it's still real early and many different variables can come into play to paint many different scenarios at seasons end . Don't jump out of the boat yet , the water is just getting deep but land is in sight .
On to Baton Rouge and Battle # 2 of the three week gauntlet . Saturdays UK - LSU game will be televised live on the SEC network (WKYT - Lex. & WYMT - Hazard) at 12:30 EST.
SEC Elite Separates Itself From More Than UK
Last week Florida was ranked as the 13th best team in the USA by most media experts .In my humble opinion If there are 12 better college football teams in this nation than Florida then were headed toward the best fall pigskin season in modern time . The Gators quarterback may have been the least talented player at his position on offense and he is pretty darn good .
Foot speed and athletic body frames will win you a lot of college football games and occasionally a championship or two , especially when you have a roster stacked full of them . The Florida Gators football team just as in the past 20 years has more than there fair share of this type of player . Quick off the ball , faster by the step , and athletic enough to have great balance when they have to stop or change direction .
With that being said there are many things that can't be explained even by the most trained and experienced eye in many sports especially team sports .
Kentucky has found a way to compete and in many games in recent years beat some of the SEC's best teams but Florida's speed for the past two decades has had an immense negative effect against Kentucky's type football talent , for whatever reason it just has , and that's about as good of an explanation as I can give . Yes , UT has beaten the Cats 26 years in a row but in about 15 of those years the game could have just as easily been won by the Cats when the 4th quarter began .
To me their have been several years that just competing with Florida has been just as frustrating and puzzling as pulling out a few wins that got away against The Vols .
Can't explain it folks but Florida's speed just has a different effect on UK than the other elite SEC teams speed does .
Special Wildcat Hoop Clinics On Tap For Fan Base
Coach Cal's Womens Basketball Clinic - Oct. 2nd
For all of you young , middle age , and senior fillies of the two legged variety across the Commonwealth you can get an up close view of Coach Cal , his staff , and the UK players on (Sun.) October 2nd at the John Calipari Womens Basketball Clinic in Memorial Coliseum and the Joe Craft Center .
This clinic is designed for women with all levels of basketball knowledge and each attendee will have an opportunity to learn Coach Cal's dribble drive offense , interact with his staff as well as have an opportunity to go on a tour of UK's state of the art Joe Craft Center .
This will be the first time this school year for the public to actually view the entire 2011 - 2012 UK mens basketball roster and the ladies will have an opportunity to interact with the players so UK suggest that you dress casually and wear comfortable attire .
Females in the age group of middle school to high school to prep school and junior college will not be permitted to register or attend due to NCAA regulations .
Registration is available online at or you can call 1 - 800 - 852 - 2875 or 859 - 257 - 1916 . Check-in for the womens clinic will be from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Joe Craft Center .
Coach Cal's High School & Middle School Coaches Clinic
Coach John Calipari will once again carry on a UK coaches tradition this fall that UK Hall of Fame coach Joe B. Hall started back in the mid 1970's . On (Sun.) October 23rd Coach Cal will provide the Tri State areas high school and middle school coaches ( both mens & womens teams coaches ) with an opportunity to learn different fundamental drills and philosophies that he and his staff teach the UK Wildcats on a daily basis .
This year the clinic is also open to the vast UK fan base as well , please see instructions for registration below .
Attendees will watch Coach Cal conduct two different practice sessions with the Wildcats this day as well as have a Q & A session at the end of each and will be given exclusive access to the Joe Craft Center and Wildcat Lodge
No one in the recruitable age group of middle school , high school , prep school , or junior college ( male or female ) will be allowed to register or attend this clinic .
Check In for the Coed clinic will be from 7:30 - 9:00 on (Sun.) October 23rd at the Joe Craft Center .
Date - (Sun.) October 23rd
Time - 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location - Memorial Coliseum & Joe Craft Center / UK Campus - Lexington , Ky.
Cost - $75.00 Pre Registration - $100.00 Walk Up on Day of Camp
Registration is available online at or you can call 1 - 800 - 852 - 2875 or 859 - 257 - 1916 .
You can go online at  for more coverage of UK football and basketball as well as KHSAA football and basketball .

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