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Fan Blog - Not much love for Coach Cal

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I anxiously awaited the brackets Sunday afternoon after an exhillerating game between U of K and MIss State. Takes a deep breath, wow, what an incredible game. Cal was so right when he told the kids, thats why you play every second. This team wants to win and continues to amaze others. I am personally tired of hearing how good Miss State played Sunday, you know what....UK played just as good. Their effort and intensity is as good as I have seen in a while, yet again we hear how good the LOSING team played.

Slowing down the tempo and playing zone does not work. 32-2! Need I say more.

The brackets where released and I was not to thrilled with the thought of possibly playing Texas. It suddenly occured to me there isn't much love for Cal and his methods of coaching. It was evident to me that most don't want him there. They hate the success he has because they hate his one and done players. They don't like the fact he has a history of shady things, guilty or not, I don't care at this point but just an observation. The Committee and Coaches really don't like Cal. The SEC certainly doesn't like him and basically slapped him in the face. They do not like the way he wins and wins big. So how do you handle someone you don't like? Make the road as difficult as you can for the type of teams he has.

Slowing down the tempo and playing zone does not work. 32-2! Need I say more?

As much as I hate Bob Knight I had to agree with a comment he made. The wrong people are inviting the teams. They know nothing about basketball and are poor choices to have them decide who should be in the tourney. I personally think it should be a group of Coaches who should decide.

Slowing down the tempo and playing zone does not work. 32-2! Need I say more?

The womens brackets where announced and kudos to UK womens with a 4 seed playing in Louisville! After watching some womens games on ESPN I understand why I hate watching. I love the womens games but really despise the announcers. If they are not Tenn or U Conn then their isn't any need to play the game. Am so sick of hearing about how great they are. I watched the finals between UK and Tenn, all about Tenn and nothing about UK. OKAY you want more forlks to watch then get some partial announcers.

Slowing down the tempo and playing zone does not work. 32-3! Need I say more?

My take, if U of L gets past California, they beat Duke. Not sure they can get past California. Some are picking Murray St over Vandy. Sure hope so. Love to see most KY teams do well. I am one of those nervous Cats with Texas. I feel if they can get past Texas then they go to Final Four. I still feel the only team capable of beating UK is Kansas. I think they lose to Kansas State. Maybe thats wishful thinking but if Kansas wins, thats FOUR times this year they win.

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