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Loved It, Hated It... Louisville Game

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I stated last season that I would never again write a Thumbs Up, Thumbs down because I was tired of writing nothing but the failure of the Joker Phillips era... so I'm going to stick to that... and now for something completely different..

Loved It

1st half defense - They won't play better offense this season and in the 1st half, they almost completely shut it down. Moving Hatcher  back to linebacker and playing a 3-4 was the kind of gameplanning we've not seen around these parts since the days of the Bear. Major props to Stoops and Eliot (even if he can't spell his name right) for the great improvement on the defensive side of the ball. The 2nd half they were just so gassed they got gashed.

3rd down defense - We actually have which is a change. 3rd in the nation right now at 23%

Big Z - Another game another sack. Kid is a talent. A talent we've not seen in a few seasons on the d-line.

Potential and Improvement - As has been stated all along, the goal for this season wasn't going to be in the win/loss column, it was to be in seeing potential and hope for the future and steady improvement this season. So far we've exceed expectations on that. The defense has improved light years from games 1 to 3, the offense has as well at times. But the newcomers who are difference makers have been huge. 

Hated It

Whitlow at QB - 2 turnovers, very low ability to throw it downfield. If Max can't throw then it's time to burn a redshirt. With Whitlow at QB, the Cats chances to win in the SEC drop significantly. Let him run the Wildcat when needed but otherwise it is WR for you.

Max Smith - Football may not be his game. Has he gone more than 3 games with out an injury ever? Feel bad for him, but he may need to pick up a clipboard full time as his body seems to be telling him its not built for this

Short yardage play calls- The 1st commandment in football is to, never ever go into shotgun on 3rd and 1, yet we did it twice. And failed both times. Why do you back up 4 or 5 yards when you only need one. Quit over it and just lineup and sneak over center. That's the right answer and that's what Louisville did.

3rd down offense - 0-13 nuff said.

UK Video boards - Settle in this is going to be a long rant. What purpose do these serve? Other than to show advertisements?  In this day and age when more and more fans are staying home because of the luxuries afforded their (and the savings of the $81 ticket, good call their Mitch!) UK decides to provide even less than the average stadium experience. Stats? No Score updates? Nope,not unless the game happened 2 days ago. Replays? Hahaha your joking right... of course not! Close play, controversy, too bad... only those at home get to see it again, those who paid money to see it, you get the smile cam. What's that you say? Just check your smart phone for the info? Hahaha... cell phone service is the only think worse than Rick Minter's defense was. I used to look down on those who chose to stay home, now I can't blame them. Look at the NFL teams are piping in red zone, filling the stadium with Wi-fi, above and beyond to improve the fan experience. I'm not asking for all that... just show replays. Show me accurate and updated scores from around the country, and maybe some stats. Show the dozens of fantastic videos your video crew at UKWildcatsTV have put together. Just get it together. It's embarrassing when you look at other schools, even WKU was better. They showed replays, even had a steadycam on the field. Atleast we can brag about our sweet closed captioning!

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Comment by sugarshane on November 18, 2013 at 6:32am
Comment by Faith Ann on September 20, 2013 at 12:10am

loved it  Rob,  I agree on about all your points.  

Thanks for posting.

Faith Ann 

Comment by The Krystal Ball on September 18, 2013 at 5:55pm

Good stuff Rob...glad to see your comments back in a new forum!!

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