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"Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down" Georgia Edition

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Thumbs Up:

Rich Brooks - What this man has done is truly amazing. If this coming week is his last at Commonwealth Stadium he deserves every accolade you could give him. In September 2005 after falling to Indiana, I wanted him gone. I'll admit I was wrong. He has gone through challenge after challenge and made a success. With all the injuries this season if he wins Saturday he has to be SEC Coach of the Year.

Moncell Allen- Like David Jones kick return in the Liberty Bowl, Moncell's fumble jarring hit changed the game for the Cats. Cats scored 2 plays later and suddenly UK had life in the game.

Randall Cobb - I've never seen a UK football player more fired up than he was Saturday. You could see it in his attitude and gestures that he was not going to let UK lose this game.

Derrick Locke - If Cobb is the most underrated player in the SEC, Locke is the most underrated on this team.

Morgan Newton Just keeps getting better and better. Took some bad sacks early, but held onto the ball and played mistake free. Even in the face of some big hits on those QB rollouts and draws he held onto the ball. Threw some pretty passes and just continued to show improvement and maturity.

LaRod King- LaRod, spanish for the "The Rod". His one handed catch was maybe the prettiest catch I've ever seen a UK player make. Just continues to play his way up the depth chart , passing everyone but Cobb.

Chris Matthews - Showed a bit more effort and WR and nearly had McCaskill's pass even though he was getting interfered with. But thats not why he was up so high on the list, his run blocking continues to be superb. His big block opened up the 60 yard screen pass touchdown for Locke.

Sam Maxwell - Another game, another interception, another step toward the NFL. Sure wish this wasn't his last year. Has stepped up to be one the top defense players on this team along with Corey Peters.

Joker Phillips Still wish we would throw the ball more, but Joker has made this offense work and utilized his weapons properly in the Georgia game. Again when the game got tight and the Cats needed a play, they put the ball in the hands of their best player to make something happen (Cobb's hands. ) Makes you really wonder again about the South Carolina and Miss St games.
Also a bigger bravo to Joker for player personnel. This guy has upgraded the talent so much, not by bringing in the big names, but finding the hidden jewels. Cobb, rejected by UT, and Locke, rejected by Oklahoma, are the heart of this offense and show the ability of this staff.

Special Teams- Huge game by Tydlacka and special teams coverage. They have been much maligned this season but have made a lot of improvement for the last few games. Especially impressed with Tyd as I had no expectation he would improve this much, was really worried about the loss of Masthay, but on punts this guy has stepped in beautifully.

Flannigans - Irish bar with plenty of good beverages that after much persuading turned on 1 tv to the basketball game for the Cat fans. We then prompty turned the bar blue and all the tv's turned to the John Wall Show. No food served, but good stop for a watering hole in Athens.

Georgia Fans Even in defeat the UGA fans were some of the nicest fans ever.

Athens - No better town in the SEC... I highly recommend this road trip

Thumbs Down

Trevard Lindley - Don't know if I've ever seen Trevard play as bad a game as he did Saturday night. Got beat on 3 different occasions including 1 for a touchdown. Also dropped an interception. Just has not looked like the same Trevard since he went down with the injury. Really feel bad for the guy as he is as nice as they come and has cost himself a lot of money in returning for his senior season.

Winston Guy - Was out of position a lot and still kept going for the big hit instead of the easy tackle. Brooks jerked him several times for making bad plays. Thought this was going to be his breakout season but looks like he may need some more seasoning.

UK 1st half- Was as a pedestrian of a half as I've ever seen the Cats play. I shot some video of the flaming baton twirlers at halftime (who were really good) watched it this morning and you hear a UK fan shout "well that's the highlight of the game so far. " Very true for Cat fans.

Georgia Fans - Yes they fall on the bottom half of this list for their dancing to the new Miley Cyrus song. Really weird to see an entire stadium in the deep south throw there hands up and sing along to Miley. What has the world come to?

Getting to and from Athens- Hopefully in 2 years it will be much better. 75 was a traffic standstill at Chattanooga construction. So we headed back up the other way through I-40, got to I-40 west and it was closed, not under contstruction, shut down. The detour was 6 more hours instead of 3, so we backtracked 30 miles and headed through the Smokies and Gatlinburg. So a 7-8 trip became, 9-10. Can't imagine how angry I would have been had we lost!

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Comment by The Fake Dermontti Dawson on November 26, 2009 at 11:40pm
How about the QB sweep, stretch and power O plays? Those have to go under "thumbs down" after they repeatedly did not work.

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