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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down - Lamar Edition

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Thumbs up:

DeAndre Liggins - Perfect from the field and the free throw line to get a career high. Added 7 rebounds and 4 assists to have a huge game.His downcourt vision, finding Patrick for wide open layups and dunks was awesome. Stepped up huge with Porter out and showed he will be a big time player.

Kevin Galloway - Finally gets some playing time and makes the most of it. Had 5 assists and 1 turnover.

Darius Miller - Made some nice moves in the 2nd half attacking the basket. That's exactly what he needs to do, become more aggressive and look for his shot.

Patrick Patterson - Career high in points, slight knock on him for only 3 rebounds. It's a testament to his offense skills that he scored 20+ points with 0 rebounds for buckets.

Liggins/Meeks/Miller/Harrellson/Patterson - As against West Virginia this lineup is the best and most dominate on the court.

Thumbs Down:

Leaving the starters in too long - After seeing Porter and Ramon go down with injuries, I feared the worst happening again. Billy kept the starters in way too long. With a 40 pt lead those guys should have been out way before the under 4:00 timeout

Defense rebounding - They were getting abused on the defensive boards by a team that had two players who weren't even close to 6 feet tall.

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Comment by Rob Elliott on December 4, 2008 at 9:44am
Agreed Stevenson did step it a bit. I have dogged him the last few games, but he performed in the 2nd half.

And the 25 assists is just amazing. Very few teams can pull that off ever, most teams only get 25 shots period, much list to have that in assists. The Cats by the way had 38 shots.
Comment by C Dogg on December 4, 2008 at 9:23am
I agree with all your thumbs ups. I'll throw in a couple of extra ones:

1. Assists vs. turnovers. 25/16 ratio is a huge improvement. There is no way they can get 25 assists per night but they can limit their turnovers. Lamar didn't pressure them like other teams had but UK's players protected the ball much better. They looked really upset with themselves whenever they turned it over and were much less casual about it. It was obvious that it had been a priority with the coaches. Hopefully, lowering the turnovers will be a trend.

2. Stevenson/Harrellson. Stevenson appeared to have taken notice of Harrellson's improved play and he stepped up his play. They both hit shots when they were open and even created some shots. UK will be tough to beat if Stevenson/Harrellson continue to play like that.

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