Acne is a common problem and in most cases it is treatable and perhaps even curable. However, it is a long drawn treatment and when we talk about complete and fool proof acne treatment we cannot look for short term solutions. In many cases it could take months or perhaps years at length. Once the spots have been removed, it might also call for maintenance and prevention which may have to be continued for several years so that the spot are removed permanents.

time tested acne treatments

Acne is a change in the pigment of the skin and it usually affects those who are between the age of 12 and 25. However, there are some cases where some older people could also be affected by this problem. It usually is a problem which affects boys more than girls. Amongst the many methods of treatment, going in for natural alternatives is considered safe because it is free from side effects. The problem if left treated is likely to be there for around 6 to 7 years after which it subsides. But it does spoil looks and therefore youngsters look for sebum control and other methods of treatment to overcome the acne problem.

Amongst the various options, benzyl peroxide is a very common treatment which is found to be very effective. This is because it kills germs, helps reduce inflammation and also removed blockage in pores. Though it is not exactly a natural acne remedy it can be very effectively in reducing inflammation and also helps remove blackheads and whiteheads. Retinoids are also extremely effective when it comes to removing blocked pores. However, this drug is sold only through prescriptions and it could have some common side effects. In many cases the symptoms can worsen before they actually start improving. Topical antibiotics can also be used for reducing bacteria and reducing inflammation.